Jeff Stark’s site works emphasize the significance and spectacle of collective experience. His diverse projects range from secret dinners to full-scale theatrical productions that make sometimes unauthorized use of public and private spaces. He writes and directs plays, makes short films, prints, and books, and organizes large groups of artists. His projects are collaborative and often self-produced. He has worked with Todd Chandler on the large-scale installation Empire Drive-In, and with several artist groups and collectives, including the Miss Rockaway Armada, Swimming Cities, Madagascar Institute, Rubulad, and Flux Factory. His work has been covered by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and News Hour, as well as by international media organizations like ARD Germany, the BBC, and NHK in Japan. His 2017 project Up at Noon was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. Jeff Stark is also the editor of the long-running Nonsense NYC, a weekly email list for independent art and Do-It-Yourself events. The New York Times said it delivers “an unending sense of people thinking big — extravagantly, even — and all for nothing.” “Thanks to him,” said New York magazine, “what might be a series of unrelated events feels like a movement.” He teaches art and design at NYU and Parsons.




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 Instagram  I live in New York City. This is how to contact me: Email: jstark ]at] nonsensenyc ]dot] com Phone: + 1 718 530 0735 I’m also on:


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